Missing teeth have caused mental health self-confidence issues for millions of people. But the dentistry technology of today means that this problem doesn’t have to affect you. At Lam-Welkie Dental, we have lots of options to help you fill those gaps in your smile. With dentures, you don’t have to avoid laughing because you’re self-conscious. You can have your pearly whites back within a few visits!

Curious as to how we can help? Keep reading to see how dentures have come a long way from your grandmother’s choppers.

What are Dentures?

In general, dentures are a type of artificial teeth that you can put in your mouth and then take out as you need to. Dentures come in either full or partial forms.

Full (complete) dentures are just like they sound. When all of your teeth are missing, or are so decayed that they can’t be saved, full dentures replace them and give you your smile back.

If only some of your teeth are missing or bad off, but you still have some healthy natural teeth remaining, you could benefit from partial dentures.

These dental fixes do more than just help you to look good, though. Our teeth have a formative effect on our overall health. Without them, you will begin to lose jaw density, have nutritional problems, and eventually have trouble speaking.

Dentures support your facial muscles, which prevents the “sunken jaw” look common in many toothless people. You can eat and speak normally, allowing you to have regular dinner conversations and an active social life.

Find Out if Dentures are Right For You

When you’re ready to take the next step and get your smile back, contact us at Lam-Welkie Dental. Our professional staff has the expertise you need to guide you through the process. Schedule your appointment today!

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