Dentistry for Children

We understand that there’s nothing more precious to you than your child, and at Cedar Grove Dental, we want to help you give them the best start in life. Our part includes offering them the best dental care possible.

Infants as young as six months, with their first teeth starting, can see a pediatric dentist. Dr. Andrew Welkie sees children from under one year up through 18, and then these pediatric patients move to his adult treatment, too!

Research suggests that it’s best to get children acclimated to dental care early. This helps them get comfortable with routine visits and learn the importance of oral hygiene young.

What Does a Pediatric Exam Include?

Going to the dentist is often scary for adults, much less children! That’s why they need a gentle, caring, and funny doctor like Dr. Andrew Welkie.

Children also have special dental requirements that can’t be handled by just any general dentist. The staff at Cedar Grove Dental have the knowledge and patience to take care of your little ones.

Pediatric exams are different for each child, depending on their age and how their teeth have been coming in. Infant exams are not going to look like a toddler’s, for instance. But in general, the goal is to check the newly minted teeth and monitor the progress to be aware of any possible concerns.

In the first appointment, Dr. Andrew Welkie will check the overall health of your child’s mouth and teeth. He’ll then talk to you about different ways you can teach your little one how to take care of their oral health at home or guide you through it yourself.

You’ll also learn about the difference between adult teeth and baby teeth in the case of an emergency. Baby teeth emergencies are pretty common, too, but they are not usually as scary as permanent teeth damage. Accidents happen and if your child has fallen and cracked their tooth or done some other type of damage, we’ll let you know how to best handle the problem until they can be seen.

Promoting Dental Care at Home

It’s never too soon to promote dental healthcare and encourage your child to take care of their teeth and gums. Role modeling is the first way they’ll pick up on the importance of this activity. When you brush and floss, little ones naturally want to mimic you!

We can guide you as to the best types of brushes and toothpaste to use if you have questions. When you’re taking your child for routine preventative care, you are definitely giving them the best start towards a healthy smile!

Children rarely have top-notch brushing and flossing habits. It’s normal! When they have annual cleanings, any tartar and plaque buildup is removed before it can develop into decay or other problems.

You can also reduce tooth decay by avoiding or limiting their access to sugar and sticky foods. While infants are breast or bottle-feeding, they have special oral care needs, too.

Between your tender loving care and our regular screenings, we’ll keep your child’s smile shining brightly and their oral health staying strong.

Schedule Your Child’s Exam Today

How your child handles their first visit to the dentist might be something you’re concerned about. While it’s possible they could get upset, the truth is that the sooner you get them used to going to the dentist, the more comfortable they will be when they go.

It’s much better to take them early before any problems develop. That way, they associate a dental visit with a simple cleaning and examination procedure, just like you would! Waiting until there’s a painful problem, for you or your child, puts the idea that dentist=pain in their head, and that does not have to be true.

Take the first step in teaching your child how to care for their teeth by scheduling them an exam today!

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